Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blonde again!!!

That's right I'm back to blonde. I've only had this blog being a redhead but I'm a natural blonde. I've had red hair for 5 months and I wanted change again. I dye my hair quite a lot, I've had it pink twice, I've had pink parts,  I've had it brown and I don't even know what else. This isn't how my hair naturally looks, it's still a bit orangy but I knew that would happen, also I'm not this light but I bleached my hair before I dyed it red.

The product I used to get my hair blond is S.O.S. colour remover by Délor in light. It doesn't have any bleaching products in it and because my hair is already very damaged I wanted that so that's why I chose it. I'm very happy with the results, after having my hair dark red I couldn't have expected anything better.

I started out with this colour

I mixed up bottle A and B and put the mixture in a bowl, you don't have to put in a bowl you can use the bottle, The product is quite thin so I regretted putting it in a bowl. Do whatever feels best. I covered the space I was working on with plastic so I wouldn't create a huge mess, after i could just wrap everything it the plastic and throw it out.

I used my hands to apply it on my hair, wearing gloves of course. I used a comb to spread it but I didn't need it much because it was pretty thin and easy to spread. After I covered all of my hair I looked like this. With the light kit you have to let it sit for 30 minutes.

I know gorgeous. After it was in for 15 minutes I started to see a difference, it was small but it was there. After I waited for 30 minutes I took a shower and rinsed it out, you have to let the water run trough your hair for at least 5 to 10 minutes. This is because the product makes the hair dye molecules smaller so they can come out of your hair, but it doesn't take them out for you. You have to rinse it really good so they come out or else it won't work. After rinsing it out I applied part C the first time. It's like a shampoo and it foams like crazy. You have to let it in for 1 minute then rinse your hair for another 5 minutes. After that you use C again but this time as a normal shampoo and you rinse for 2 minutes. After all this rinsing and applying you are ready. You can do whatever you want with your hair after this. If you want to you can dye it right after this or just let it dry and style it, that's what I did. I'm happy with how it turned out, it still orange but it already so much better and getting red out of your hair is incredibly difficult. And this product doesn't even use bleach. I might do it again or I'll just use a color correcting shampoo to get rid of the orange tone. Or maybe I'll do a couple of vitamin C treatments, let me know if you want a post on how to to those.

This is right after showering

I would defeneatly recommend this product if you want to take out a color without any bleaching, if it works on red it will work on almost anything. I used light so if you use dark you can get an even stronger result. If there any questions about this product please comment I'll be happy to answer them.

Thank you for reading, I hope I helped some people with a bad hair decision out and let me know if you give it a try!


  1. Het is een hele mooie kleur blond geworden; staat je goed :)!

    LOVE BO,

    1. Dankjewel. Ik krijg er veel goede reacties op das altijd super leuk natuurlijk want ik was een beetje bang voor dat oranjeachtige xx

  2. I love it! Really suits you! I am a new follower so going to enjoy reading your other posts now :)


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