Tuesday, February 12, 2013

British babe

Today Is the last day of studying, I'm taking my last test tomorrow and I am so happy!
I've had this thing with flags for quite a while, I love British and American flags on clothing. It became a hipster trend and that kinda sucks because everybody was wearing flag prints and I felt so boring. But yeah I love it so I still wear it. I made this top myself. It was an old big T-shirt from my dad, I cut it and me and a good friend did a graffiti to put the print on it. It was a hell lot of work and I might do it again sometimes and make a post about it.

The shoes I'm wearing are some of my all time favorites. I own quite some unique shoes but these are just so cute and amazing and I love them. The website I bought them on sells so many cute crazy stuff I really love them. My mom has some really cool cowboy boots from them too.

And yes, I'm only holding my phone because my case matches my outfit. I didn't pick it out that case is always on it but I like to pretend I did.

Jeans: Vero Moda
Top: DIY
Blazer: Made in Italy (cheap brand from some market in Utrecht but I love it)
Heels: Irregular Choice

Thank you for reading! I will put a valentine DIY up as soon as possible and another DIY when my studs come in.
Love, Coosje (look my names on the door that's my bedroom!)


  1. loved it .. very cute <3<3

    if you want to follow each other on bloglovin and facebook let me know (k)(k) !!
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  2. The shoes are so nice :) Great outfit x


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