Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do I ever cross your mind?

Today was a crazy day, the weather was so weird. It was really sunny then it suddenly started raining for 5 minutes, then snowing, and then it started ice storming. And after that it was sunny again and this happened about 10 times or I don't even know. But yeah I had school, that was boring. I did get a good sleep tonight so I already felt a lot better. When I got home I wanted to take some pictures and my mother wasn't home so my little brother took them. That's why they are pretty bad but you will get the idea. Also the wind was really strong and he made it a game to take pictures every time my hair looked funny. Yes he is pretty weird and he made some very funny pictures.

I know , shitty quality. Here are some close ups of my bracelets and shoes. These shoes are my big loves there just amazing I love them so much! I'm also wearing some cross ear studs and the cross necklace I always wear.

Aren't they amazing!? Yes they are!

Studded loafers: Ebay
Silver studded bracelets: Ebay
Skulls and black studded bracelets: Claires
Blouse with white crosses: New Yorker (Fishbone) 
Shorts: New Yorker (Fishbone)
Socks: Shoeby 
Scarf: New Yorker

Thank you for reading, please comment telling me what you think! Love

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