Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pastel Sugarskulls

A lot of you probably know this blog because of my tumblr but for the ones who don't. I am a huge tumblr addict. I love it! I'm on it every day. Sometimes I skip a day but I've got a queue running almost all of the time. Tumblr is the main reason I got super internet addicted! My blog isPastelsugarskulls
I am an huge tumblr addict, I'm not tumblr famous (yet :)). Butmy blog has been pretty successful lately and I'm happy about that. My tumblr isn't fashion or DIY related, it's just fun and pictures and things I like. I don't know just give it a look.

I didn't feel like putting my outfit on today, my outfit was really nice actually I liked it. But when I got home I was tired and done and the pictures all failed and blah. It was a long day, last day of exams though. I had one exam and a laboratory thing which was boring and lasted way too long. After that I had to finish my art project. It came out so cool I'll put pictures up later but I'm really proud. But I wasn't done at school untill about 6 pm. So yeah long day. Just wanted to put a little something up and since my tumblr is a big part of my internet life and I've been wanting to make a post about I thought why not.

I'm sorry this post wasn't what you expected but I didn't feel myself today.
Love, Coosje

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