Sunday, February 3, 2013


This was from a couple of days ago, my friend was a bit down so I went over there. We took some picture, baked a chocolate cake and went thrift shopping. No better way to cheer someone up! I had just gotten that coat in the mail that day so yeah I love it to death and you will be seeing more of it for sure.

Yeah I love her and she's gorgeous, her name is Mandy by the way. She has an amazing blog and she's the reason I started blogging again.
Check out her blog Blonde But Not Least

Jacket: New Yorker
Dress: H&M (she's wearing it as a top in her shorts)
Shorts: Old Levis
Necklace: Israƫl
Shoes: Ebay

Blouse: Vintage Versace
Tank top: Vero Moda
Shoes: Schoenenreus + DIY by Mandy (I borrowed them)
Coat: Asos Petite'
Necklace: old necklace from my grandmother

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