Friday, February 22, 2013

The b*tch is back!

I'm so sorry!!! I haven't been active at all but I was on a holiday and I tried to make posts but I just didn't have the time or the internet connection to do it. But I just got home half an hour ago and I'm back. I'll show you guys some pic's but I haven't got that many. Please follow my twitter: @Iamthinkingoff and my Instagram: @xcoosx to be updated next time I disappear. But I won't let this happen again!! I think...

Most pictures are from my instagram:

1: In the car on our way to Austria
2: On the piste with my 2 little brothers and my cousin
3: Me and my older cousin being awesome as fuck
4: It was so beautiful over there, breathtaking
5: My skiing socks are breathtaking too
6: My little brother being extremely cute with my hat
7: Me and my lovely cousin
8: Back home, the village where I live
9: Finished Perks of being a wallflower in the car, best book ever!

Then me and my cousin shared a room at the hotel and we took some crazy pictures with my good camera. Beware:

And I have the most amazingly awesome moon boots by the way!

And this is what we saw when we woke up.

So yeah please forgive me for being inactive, I'm back and here to stay. And look at it you can't blame me I was having some healthy fun :)

Love, Coosje


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