Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter mixtape

Today I have to work and I'm keeping it very simple. I don't look very fashionable but who cares this is what I wore, I'm a real person I won't act like I always look great. I do really like this look.
Just when I thought we were really done with the snow it came back but that does give me really nice pictures. Our garden looks so pretty.

Jumper: New Yorker (Fishbone)
Jeans: New Yorker (Fishbone)
Scarf: HEMA
Hat: Some little store in Austria
Boots: Amigo

I don't even like these boots very much but they are really comfy, warm and water closed. So when the weather gets crappy I wear them a lot. Red is my favorite color you will notice that once I start posting more. Look how pretty the snow makes my house look. You should be jelly. I'm going to move soon by thew way because my parents got divorced not long ago. I will put up a lot of room ideas and room DIY's, that's positive thinking.

And some close ups.

Thanks for reading, I know I haven't been too active but I have to focus on school for a little bit and study a lot, I will keep my blog updated as much as possible.
Love, Coosje


  1. Your hair looks orange here ghehe, you know I love the hat sooo much!

    My Blog, Blonde but not least

    1. Yes! It looks so much more orange then it is and I do not know why! I know you are jelly of my leopard print hat


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