Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I know I haven't been active in a week or so but I really can't help it. My life is a huge busy mess at the moment. School is crazy and I have to get back at a lot of things I missed, I also have to do so many project's which take up a lot of work. I'm getting closer and closer to moving, that is taking up a lot of time too. And somehow with all of this it had to get worse and I'm extremely tired all the time. I slept over 9 hours last night and I'm still exhausted. So yeah my outfits are a lot more boring and simple and I don't even have the time too take pictures. After this week I think I will have a little more time but school always finds a way to surprise me so you never know. I will try to put time in my blog again for sure but school is very important right now so I have to make decisions.

Also i want to make more post that are not my outfits. Any idea is welcome really. If you have questions for me please ask, if you want me to make a post about something please tell me. I don't know what to do and maybe you guys have some ideas. I would love it if you would suggest some stuff. Anything about make-up or skincare is welcome too I know quite a lot about that I must admit, it's an obsession.

Please stay with me in this inactive moment, I will be back. Hopefully with some help of you guys.
Love, Coosje

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