Monday, March 18, 2013

Wake me up

Guess who took my pictures today? My little 10 year old brother. My mom didn't have any time and my other brother had to study. The pictures are so blurry but he looks so cute behind my huge camera! I don't have many good pic's. None actually but these are the least blurry. It's a very simple outfit so it doesn't really matter.

Jeans: H&M (new!)
T-shirt: H&M (new!)
Leather jacket: Mango
Scarf: New Yorker

I really need to get a tripod and a remote, but first I need more money. Or I need to learn how to not spend everything on Ebay.

This one I do kinda like!

Love, Coosje


  1. Actually I love this photos only the first one is blurry!
    My Blog, Blonde but not least

    1. if you zoom in a little bit they are really blurry, and the other ones were way way worse! But thanks lovely

  2. Haha wat lief zeg, de laatste foto is inderdaad leuk!


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